A Proven Path to Customer Revenue Growth and Decreased Churn

It’s been an exciting time lately at ServiceSource. Recently we’ve announced a number of important new additions to our leadership team, including our new Chief Customer Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Transformation Officer. [Read More]

What Is Your Customer Health Score Hiding?

Have you ever seen your total cholesterol number? If it’s under 200, you generally feel pretty good about yourself. If it’s over 240 you make an appointment with your physician. What do you do if it’s in the “borderline” area? Even people with numbers brushing 200 might wonder if they should take action. [Read More]

The Link Between Customer Success and CFO Happiness: It’s All About Gross Margin

As a customer success professional you live and breathe improving the customer experience and over delivering on customer’s expectations. The financial cost of delivering an extraordinary customer experience is not always top of mind—your goal is to create happy customers, no matter the cost. [Read More]

In 2015, Are You Ready for the Next-Gen Customer?

I recently caught up with Ray Wang, Principal Analyst at Constellation Research and ServiceSource’s Chief Customer Officer, Ashley Johnson as they were preparing for their upcoming webcast on January 14 about “Serving the Next-Gen Customer.” Randy: Hello and happy New Year Ray and Ashley. [Read More]

Top Five Blogs of 2014

As we wrap up 2014, I’m pleased to share ServiceSource’s top five blogs of the year with you. This year our themes were around customer success, subscription economy and channel management. We invite you to settle into your favorite reading chair and enjoy! [Read More]

Showing Our Local Communities Some Love

At ServiceSource, one of our three core values is ‘Doing the Right Thing.’ In the same way we always ‘Do the Right Thing’ for our customers, we believe it’s incredibly important to give back to the communities in which we work and live. In the spirit of the holiday season, [Read More]

Customer Success Nuts and Bolts: Money Matters

Customer success is a hot topic this year, as businesses are realizing that they must invest in keeping customers happy to protect recurring revenues. (See the blog Customer Success is the New Black.) Some businesses are hiring entirely new Customer Success teams, while others are restructuring existing support and renewals [Read More]

So, You’ve Hired a Customer Success Team. Now What?

These days, it seems like everybody’s hiring Customer Success Managers. A search of my LinkedIn network reveals twice as many open job listings for Customer Success Manager as for Product Marketing Manager positions (See the previous blog Customer success is the new black). Given this latest hiring craze, most businesses [Read More]

Customer Success is the New Black

Last month’s Dreamforce conference will influence sales, service and marketing organizations the year to come. Now that the dust has settled from the conference, it’s time to take stock and assess what the road ahead looks like. [Read More]