The keys to customer success

The Age of the Customer is in Full Swing – Are You Ready?

The balance of power has shifted to the customer. Empowered by access to information and technology, control over the business relationship is now firmly in the customer’s hands. They have access to a vast amount of information and data available about not only your company, but also your competition. [Read More]

The Future of Customer Success – SuccessCon 2015

It’s time again for another Customer SuccessCon hosted by the Customer Success Association. This time, it’s SuccessCon East, which will be held in Boston on Aug. 13. Throughout the year, customer success leaders gather across different regions to discuss the state of the profession and best practices. [Read More]

Customer Success + Exception Management = Increased Recurring Revenue and Higher Profit

There are many reasons to have some kind of standard process for Revenue Lifecycle Management stages—customer onboarding, adoption, cross-sell, upsell, retention and renewal. [Read More]

A Healthy Strategy for Life Sciences Growth

Many life science and healthcare companies are ailing when it comes to revenue growth. Even with moderate growth in the sector, opportunities for new revenue are difficult to identify because of changing regulation, payor/payee pressures, disruptive technologies and increased third-party competition. [Read More]

90/10 rule to customer success

How to Avoid Squandering the Most Critical Days for Customer Success

ServiceSource conducts a lot of research on customer success, one of the most popular pieces of research (by far) is about the 90/10 rule of customer success. [Read More]

Customer Success Charter in 7 Steps

7 Steps to Create a Customer Success Charter

Managing recurring revenue has never been more complex. Don’t fall into the trap of taking a silo’d approach, where your teams are working on redundant projects with the right intentions, but with limited results or scale. You need a holistic approach. [Read More]

Customer Journey Mapping

Deliver Value and Create Successful Customers with Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Success teams and organizations are a hot trend these days, but one of the biggest challenges that you can face when making your organization more customer-focused is having business processes that are built around functional silos. [Read More]

What is Revenue Lifecycle Management

Revenue Lifecycle Management - Defined! Part 1

There’s been increasing buzz in the market recently about how important recurring revenue business models are to boosting business value and driving innovative transformation within a company. [Read More]

Losing Money with Flat Annual Price Increases

Renewals Process – Don’t Leave Money on the Table with One-Size-Fits-All Annual Price Increases

In doing some research on optimizing customer renewals processes, I came across some research we conducted on the correlation of annual price increases to customer churn. [Read More]