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Companies with RLM models are more successful at customer revenue growth

Revenue Growth

Many companies don’t have a strategy in place to manage outcomes and ongoing value realization from their existing customers.

5 types of Big Data Analytics and how they help Customer Success

Usage, Data and Analytics, Customer Success

Predictive analytics and data science are hot right now. Well truth be told, ‘big data’ has been a buzzword for over 100 years.

The Price is Right: How to use customer segmentation to improve pricing efficiency

Revenue Growth

Using customer segmentation to get the price right can significantly impact revenue growth and customer retention.

Calculating Customer Lifetime Value for Digital Subscriptions

Customer Success

In subscription and recurring revenue business models, maximizing customer lifetime value is a key success factor to a profitable business.

Click-through rates do not measure customer engagement, retention or loyalty

Customer Onboarding and Adoption

CTR is important, but it alone can’t tell you if your campaign or advertisement is successful or not. Luckily, because of the digital age, there’s a better way to measure success.