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Deliver Value and Create Successful Customers with Customer Journey Mapping

Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM), Customer Engagement, Customer Lifecycle Management, Customer Success, Business Process Best Practices

Customer Success teams and organizations are a hot trend these days, but one of the biggest challenges that you can face when making your organization more customer-focused is having business processe

Revenue Lifecycle Management - Defined! Part 1

Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM), Customer Lifecycle Management

There’s been increasing buzz in the market recently about how important recurring revenue business models are to boosting business value and driving innovative transformation within a company.

Renewals Process – Don’t Leave Money on the Table with One-Size-Fits-All Annual Price Increases

Revenue Growth, Renewals

In doing some research on optimizing customer renewals processes, I came across some research we conducted on the correlation of annual price increases to customer churn.

Lifecycle Marketing – It’s Time to Get Holistic

Revenue Lifecycle Management (RLM), Customer Lifecycle Management, Customer Success

Thanks to the growing trend toward SaaS solutions and the subscription economy, the luxury of vendor lock-in is long gone, which means customer success is becoming more and more critical.