Customer Success

customer success job description

There’s Something Missing in Your Customer Success Job Description

A great customer experience is essential to profitability and growth for every business these days. Executives need to understand how build and staff a customer success team to protect and grow revenue streams.
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customer retention

Customer Retention – Innovation or Die

We continue to see businesses fail because their management did not to anticipate their customer’s future desires. Companies that innovate their customer retention strategies retain more customers, build loyalty and grow recurring revenue.
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enterprise customer success

Digital Darwinism: Business Adaptation Strategies for Enterprise Customer Success

At Gainsight Pulse 2016 Christopher Carrington presented the five adaptive strategies enterprises need for customer success in this age of Digital Darwinism.
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customer success best practices

5 Tips to Evolve Your Customer Success Best Practices

The “Customer Experience Economy” your clients expect to realize value and quantifiable business outcomes much more quickly. These customer success best practices will help you understand and meet these demands.
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Manage B2B customer success like the Warriors

Protect, Defend, Grow: B2B Customer Success Team and the Golden State Warriors

While B2B Customer Success as a concept started in subscription based companies like SaaS and software, there's a lot to learn from sports teams like the Golden State Warriors.
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Customer Retention Analytics that drive Customer Success

Five Customer Retention Analytics and How They Help

Predictive analytics and data science are hot right now. The truth be told, ‘big data’ has been a buzzword for over 100 years. Finding a way to harness the volume, velocity and variety of data that is flowing into your business is as critical to using Customer Retention Analytics to your advantage.
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Calculating Customer Lifetime Value for Digital Subscriptions

Calculating Customer Lifetime Value for Digital Subscriptions

In subscription and recurring revenue business models, maximizing customer lifetime value is a key success factor to a profitable business. Customer expansion and subscription extension are critical to customer success management. But how do you know when a customer relationship turns profitable? It is important to understand the point at which you breakeven on your investment in a customer relationship.
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Customer retention management

Customer Churn and Retention in Information and Media

Digital technologies have fundamentally changed the way that information is shared and consumed—profoundly impacting the Information and Media industry. The switch has driven innovation in customer churn and retention management, advertising, a convergence of content, software and devices, but, most importantly, a transformation of business models.
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Putting the “Customer” Back into CRM - What to Expect in 2016

When you think customer lifecycle, you may automatically think CRM. To date, CRM technologies and the business processes that support it, have excelled at managing all the communications and engagements with a buyer leading up to the point of initial sale. But that’s not the whole lifecycle.
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