The Right Customer Lifecycle KPI's Part 4

The Right Customer Lifecycle KPIs Series: Part 4 - Retention and Renewal Metrics: Where the Rubber Meets the Road in Customer Success

At this point in our series, “The Right Customer Lifecycle KPIs,” we’ve covered onboarding adoption and upsell/cross-sell KPIs to track to grow your recurring revenue. While growing recurring revenue is important, it doesn’t matter unless you’re able to retain your customers. In fact, a study by Bain and Company, along with Earl Sasser of the Harvard Business School, show that increasing customer retention rates by 5 percent increases profitability by 25 to 95 percent! Make sure that your investment in customer success is actually working with these retention metrics.
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The Right Customer Lifecycle KPIs

The Right Customer Lifecycle KPIs Series: Part 3 - Tracking Expansion Performance with Upsell/Cross-Sell KPIs

If you’ve been following our series, then you know how the right level of engagement at the right time can make a significant impact on your relationship with your customers, especially in the beginning. So what about customers who have already been a loyal customer for years?
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Customer Onboarding and Adoption KPIs

The Right Customer Lifecycle KPIs Series: Part 2 - Onboarding & Customer Adoption

The first blog in our series looked at identifying the right set of KPIs to gain deeper insights into all phases of your customer’s revenue lifecycle. Now we’ll look at the metrics that help you proactively identify what to measure during the vital onboarding and customer adoption stages of your customer engagement.
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Customer Lifecycle Key Performance Indicators

The Right Customer Lifecycle KPIs for Predictive Insights: Part 1 - Introduction

B2B tech companies like yours have to deal with a lot of pressure these days. Rapidly evolving technology, more informed and empowered customers and industry disruption are just a few of the factors for why you need to start focusing your attention on effectively managing your customer’s revenue lifecycle.
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