Drive growth from your existing customer base

Most businesses prioritize new customer acquisition. But creating customers for life means shifting your focus from the initial sale to post-sale engagement.  If done correctly, 90% of customer revenue will come from renewals, cross-sells and up-sells.


Renew OnDemand

Have the insight, skills and discipline across your entire renewals team.

Renew OnDemand for Renewal Operations Managers


Renew OnDemand for Renewal Sales Managers

Renew OnDemand for Executives

Recurring revenue is almost twice as profitable as net-new revenue, yet it’s largely underinvested in. Renew OnDemand gets you the insight you need to get back on track and execute winning renewal strategies.

Make better decisions

  • Take advantage of over 70 renewal-specific KPIs
  • Stay nimble and responsive with trending and forecasting

Drive renewals and profitability

  • Execute targeted sales plays on a dime
  • Provide teams with intelligent cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

Implement consistent selling—at scale

  • Finally have clean, renewal-ready data across the business
  • Ensure teams spend more time selling and have increased coverage
Renew OnDemand for Renewal Sales Reps


Renew OnDemand for Renewal Sales Managers

Renew OnDemand for Sales

Your sales team has three months to close 2000+ renewal opportunities? No problem. Renew OnDemand empowers your renewal sales teams to get straight to selling.

Close deals faster

  • Deal prioritization and proactive alerts ensure you don't miss a renewal milestone
  • Streamlined opportunity generation provides the right offers at the right time

Manage effectively

  • Set and measure quota, forecast and pacing to stay on top of your targets
  • Benchmark team across key KPIs and understand where to coach

Strategically engage customers

  • Run prescriptive sales plays – give prospects the right offers at the right time
  • Enhance cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and increase profitability
Renew OnDemand for Renewal Operations Managers


Renew OnDemand for Renewal Operations Managers - Sales Ops

Renew OnDemand for Sales Operations

Say goodbye to the days of slowly cobbling together data from 5-7 systems to process a renewal. Renew OnDemand helps you run your renewal operations like a well-oiled machine.

Assembly line efficiency

  • Aggregated and centralized renewals data – no more digging
  • Streamlined workflows for quoting, booking and order processing

Consistency and scale

  • Track timeliness and quote accuracy to understand where to drive process improvement
  • Improve collaboration with sales and partners with workflow visibility and accountability
Renew OnDemand for Channel Renewals

Renew OnDemand for Channel

On average, the channel under-performs direct sales teams by 12%. With Renew OnDemand, your partners have the insight and tools to better serve end-customers.

Renewal platform for partners

  • Deliver accountability and insight with access to renewal opportunity data and quotes
  • Enhance collaboration, support and insight – make it easy to work together

Drive growth in the channel

  • Benchmark top and underperforming channel partners to know where to coach
  • Prompt partners with right plays at the right time and better serve the end-customer

Let's Get Technical: Renew Salesforce Connectors

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