Resources for Growing Customers for Life

Serving the Next-Gen Customer

Constellation Research Analyst, Ray Wang and ServiceSource Chief Customer Officer Ashley Johnson provide best practices to engage and keep the next-gen customer.

The Subscription Revolution

Learn from THINKstrategies Managing Director, Jeff Kaplan what you need to know about the revenue lifecycle and building a customer-centric subscription business.

The Evolution of Customer Success

Learn about the evolution of customer success programs offered by Salesforce and receive best practices to drive the transformation of your customer success strategy.

Managing Profitable Customer Relationships in the Service Value Chain

Download this white paper to receive a framework for managing profitable customer relationships and a business case to take action.

Reducing Churn through Predictive Analytics

Customer Success was implemented by the Human Resources Management SaaS Company to predict at-risk customer contracts, target retention programs, and reduce revenue churn rate.

Optimizing Revenue Yield from Subscription Renewals

See how Customer Success was used by the Global Financial Information publisher's sales department to align renewal pricing of contracts with customer usage trends to maximize renewal revenues.

Optimizing Revenue Yield by Impacting Usage

See how Customer Success was implemented by the National Financial Information Company's sales department to successfully analyze and convert trial-based users into paid subscribers.

Converting Trial Users into Paid Subscribers

See how Customer Success was implemented by the National Financial Information Company's sales department to successfully analyze and convert trial-based users into paid subscribers.

3 Things Every Aspiring SaaS Company Should Know

In this webinar, ServiceSource and IDC will share a thought provoking look at the key factors for companies to consider as they make the shift from traditional to SaaS business models

Your 2014 Growth Engine - Subscription Revenue

Learn how you can leverage predictive analytics to increase up-sells, retention risks and automatic renewals.

Creating Customers for Life

In this eBook, learn the formula for success in the subscription economy. Employing a Customer Lifecycle Management strategy is the secret to maximizing customer lifetime value and creating customers for life.

CRM for Renewals

With each passing year companies are getting better at mining and using data to improve performance. A CRM system helps acquire new customers, but what about renewals?

The Metrics That Determine Profitability in the Subscription Economy

Discover the 4 metrics that determine profitability in the subscription economy with this 30 minute webinar recording.

The 12 Essential KPIs of the Revenue Lifecycle

How strong are your customer success, renewals and recurring revenue growth programs? What’s your rate of customer churn—and is it getting better or worse?

Infographic: Anatomy of an IT buyer

Did you know that only 57% of buyers hear from their vendors at renewal, if at all? Put yourself in the IT buyer’s shoes and get a better sense of how you need to interact for a successful ongoing relationship.

3 Signs Your Customers Just Aren’t That Into You

A recent ServiceSource Customer Loyalty survey reveals 52% of IT decision makers define their relationship with their top IT vendor as either "open" or "it's complicated." Are your customers playing the field?

The Customer Health Score: What’s Data Got to Do with It?

Learn how to apply a data-driven approach to improving customer health scores to create customers for life.

Roadmap to Success ROI

Get the steps needed to create a customized roadmap for growing your business.

Discover Why Recurring Revenue Matters

Typically, businesses use manual processes & spreadsheets to manage recurring revenue. Below are 3 methods that can help improve sub-optimal renewal rates.

Does your company have a data problem?

Don’t miss out on all this unclaimed revenue. Learn how ServiceSource can help you leverage fast data and big data to get more from your renewal management process.

The Top Three Profit Levers for Customer Success Management

Read this whitepaper and learn how to leverage usage data to effectively increase profits in subscription-based services.

Calculate Your Potential Recurring Revenue

Are you leaving money on the table? Every year, companies miss out on $30 billion in recurring revenue. Try our estimator and understand your true recurring revenue potential.

Renew OnDemand Brochure

Need more details? Download the Renew brochure to better understand how to supercharge your recurring revenue with the only cloud-based solution to renew customer contracts and subscriptions.

The Recurring Revenue Management Buyer's Guide

This buyer's guide will provide you with a primer on recurring revenue management and a list of requirements for evaluating solutions.

Analytics and Community

In this white paper commissioned by Beagle Research Group, Dennis Pombriant discusses the importance of applying customer loyalty analytics to understand and act on customer needs to create loyal advocates.

Customer Success + Exception Management = Revenue and Profit

Watch this On Demand webinar to learn how you can use exception management to have a direct, measurable impact on customer retention and revenue growth.

The Missing Links in Your Customer Relationship

Watch this On Demand webinar to discover how to tap into the missing links in your customer relationship, grow your revenue and learn how to create scalability in your customer success program.

Can We Talk?: The Role of Communication in Customer Success

Learn how to jumpstart communications across the customer lifecycle.

Maximizing Revenue and Profit Online

Learn how to target customers for product, pricing and account management programs to increase revenue and profit.

Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value E-Kit

Download this helpful kit of resources to discover how you can minimize churn and maximize customer lifetime value.

The New Sales and Marketing Approach for Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

Learn the fundamentals of Renewal Performance Management and learn best practices for maximizing customer lifetime value. 

From Customer Health Score to Meaningful Action in Five Steps

Read this brief to understand how you can turn a customer health score into tailored engagement in just five steps.

Stop Customer Churn: How to Scale Customer Success Coverage and Effectiveness

Learn how to scale, personalize and prioritize your customer outreach so your best customers aren't being left behind.

What’s Next in Customer Success?

This conclusion to the Customer Lifecycle Management webinar series will unveil a solution that brings these best practices together to stop customer churn and create customers for life.

Five Secrets to Fly High and Fuel Growth

Help your recurring revenue business take off. Learn the Five Secrets we discovered through 13 years of partnering with some of the leading technology companies in the world.

Adoption E-Kit

Learn how to turn adoption into retention and growth with this helpful bundle of resources.

The Key to Winning Customer Success: It’s All in the Plan

View this webinar recording to learn how to create and implement a customer success plan that delivers on expecations and creates customers for life.

Adoption Game Plan eBook

This eBook provides you with a game plan to succeed in one of the first steps of creating customers for life: the adoption phase.

From Transaction to Process - How to Create a Customer-centric Business Model

Learn why and how to implement a process-driven business model to measure customer success and grow recurring revenue.

Cloud on the Horizon?

Today, many companies are at a crossroads and on point to re-examine their core business models. This white paper provides a practical guide to take your business to the cloud and take advantage of the pay-as-you go, Recurring Revenue Economy.

How to Create a Customer Success Plan

Learn how to create a customer success plan that delivers on expectations and creates customers for life.

Creating Harmony between Customer Success and Marketing

View this webinar recording to learn how to build stronger relationships with customers through collaboration between Customer Success Professionals and Marketers.

Net Promoter Scores: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Watch this webinar recording to uncover the good, the bad and the ugly of the Net Promoter Score.

How to Leverage Customer Success to Deliver High ROI

Watch this webinar recording to learn how to use customer success data to revamp your database marketing strategy, lower your cost per lead and maximize customer lifetime value.

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