Customers care about outcomes, not the tools you sell them.

At the TSIA, Gainsight, and ServiceSource Executive Symposium in Boston, Chris Carrington, ServiceSource’s CEO, discussed how “customer outcome-oriented” businesses are accelerating revenue growth in the new outcome economy.

3 Ways to accelerate recurring revenue in the outcome economy:

  1. Understand the customer’s job to be done: proactive engagement, prescriptive conversations, personalized interaction
  2. Let data drive decision-making: get the data, analyze, act on the data
  3. Orient around your customers' outcomes: align internally (and externally), allocate resources for Customer Success, accept shared risk and reward

“What customers really care about: outcomes, not the drill bit, and they actually don’t care about the hole either. What they want to buy is the outcome… they want what is enabled by the hole.” Chris Carrington - CEO, ServiceSource

Where does your business fall on the outcome-oriented scale?

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Pete Geoly, Solutions Marketing for ServiceSource.

Pete Geoly, Solutions Marketing for ServiceSource.