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July 9, 2020
Data Integrity

Hidden Link Between B2B Inside Sales Growth & Data

An inside sales team is only as good as their data. And because the data in the CRM fuels company marketing, sales, and customer success efforts, you don’t just need data, you need good data.
March 5, 2020

Customer Health Checks: Measurement Matters

Your customer success team is responsible for nurturing relationships with your customers at each and every stage in their customer journey experience. By understanding product and service needs, analyzing usage […]
December 18, 2019

Smarketing: 7 Steps to Aligning Sales and Marketing Teams

Today’s B2B companies compete in a high-stakes environment. Customers nowadays conduct a significant amount of research on their own through social media, websites, podcasts, and review sites, and that’s all […]
December 18, 2019

Smarketing is Here to Stay: Why Sales and Marketing Should Be Aligned

Businesses today compete on customer experience. Every touchpoint you have with the customer in their journey – including the initial sale – is an opportunity to improve and add value […]
December 12, 2019

Characteristics of High-Performing Inside Sales Reps

Every day, hundreds of B2B inside sales reps hit the job market. Your ability to attract the best of the best will be a determining factor in whether or not […]
October 30, 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Leverage Data to Get Closer to Customers

Keynote speaker at ServiceSource’s Recurring Revenue Forum, Anders Sörman-Nilsson, shares insight on how businesses can use data to get closer to their customers.
October 23, 2017

3 Key Paradigm Shifts in the Customer Journey

Keynote speaker at ServiceSource’s Recurring Revenue Forum, Anders Sörman-Nilsson, shares insight on what businesses must understand about the evolving Customer Journey.
October 19, 2017

Before Customer Journey Mapping Was Famous

Journey mapping has grown from a niche workshop in the land of business-to-consumer customer experience to being “on-trend” and fashionable. From ugly B2C duckling to elegant B2B swan. Join David Lopes at two TSW sessions to learn how to deploy Customer Journey Mapping tactics.