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Today’s business environment is uniquely dynamic. Between economic uncertainty and industry upheaval, quarterly or half year planning can feel like an exercise in futility. Business-to-business (B2B) companies feel this more than most, as they have the dual strain of balancing both their internal organizational health with that of their clients and customers. Suddenly, the ability to understand and act upon immediate metrics and microtrends and shift gears accordingly becomes invaluable. Sales leaders might not be able to confidently build projections like they could six months ago, but they can achieve a level of flexibility to identify and act upon today’s opportunities.

ServiceSource Insights power the flexibility needed by today’s sales managers. It’s a distinct fusion of descriptive and diagnostic analytics with unmatched human intelligence to create a singular, holistic picture of performance. This approach connects the dots between metrics across the business, eliminating information siloes and giving leaders a clearer understanding of how disparate organizations are actually working together to achieve a specific goal.

Consider, for example, a customer whose usage rates are consistently low. Taken alone, this would be cause for concern. The right human intelligence, however, might reveal that despite the small number of adopters, they are highly engaged – requiring an entirely different response. Armed with the full context, business leaders can adjust in real-time and move forward with the appropriate action.

Insights are vital to a transparent and optimized Customer Journey Experience (CJX). Mapping and assessing every individual touchpoint between a business and their customers is a key function of delivering consistent, exceptional value. How does each interaction contribute to the health of the relationship? Where are there gaps for improvement or success areas to be replicated? Furthermore, how can I be certain of exactly where the customer is in the funnel, and when do they cross the threshold into new upsell and cross-sell area points? Data points alone don’t tell this story, but the right combination of experience, knowledge and expertise to weave it all together.

This is an area in which ServiceSource has found significant growth opportunity for clients. In one such example, ServiceSource had been working with a client who, after several years of partnership, was under a new management directive to evolve their Customer Success strategy to focus on a direct line to top-line revenue. That is to say, it needed a clear and concise link on how Customer Success relationships were driving the numbers. Building off of its Insights engine, ServiceSource matched critical customer context with human-first relationship to pivot immediately. This ultimately led to $700,000 in incremental bookings for a single product in the first year.

Data is widely regarded as the new oil. But just as oil must be refined, data must be matched with the analysis and know-how to truly yield the maximum results. Learn more about ServiceSource’s approach to insights on our resources page

ServiceSource Team


ServiceSource Team