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Digital Sales is the Future of Inside Sales

Digital Sales is the Future of Inside Sales

Inside sales professionals are at the frontline of a massive digital revolution that’s changing the way the world’s small and mid-sized companies (SMB) do business. Armed with an inquisitive mindset to truly understand their client’s customers, and cutting-edge technology located within purpose-built digital hubs, ServiceSource is reshaping sales for a new generation of business leaders and market demands.

It’s really about the ‘customer journey experience’ our clients want their customer to have. It is how they want to them to discover their offerings and solutions, how they want to interact and buy, and how they actually want to consume.

B2B buyers and customers today have access to information via social and digital channels and use it to empower their decision making. IDC Research shows that 75% of B2B buyers are using social media to research vendors.

As buyers have become more digital and sophisticated in their research and engagement capabilities, there is a fundamental need to ensure sales people are more digitally enabled otherwise they simply won’t be able to compete in the market today. 

The underlying sales motions do not change. There is still the need to

  1. Qualify the opportunities
  2. Convert the prospects to paying customers
  3. Deliver account management services

So, what’s digital sales? It is quite simply, about addressing those new sets of customers with the right offers and the right sales talent to really satisfy their solution needs.

It is the evolution of Inside Sales to scale relationship-building with prospects, using social and digital channels, combined with sales operational science. It delivers the acquisition and management of customers. It doesn’t involve eliminating what Sales is doing but complements it digitally.

Improved Outcomes:

  • Sales professionals using digital strategies achieve 66% higher quota attainment than peers that don’t? (Source:  CSO Insights)
  • Deal sizes increase by 27% compared to only traditional approaches. (Source:  IDC Research)
  • And most notably, sellers becoming digital generate 45% more sales opportunities! (Source:  LinkedIn)

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