Dreamforce 2019 Takeaways

As someone who works with Salesforce on an everyday basis, I was so happy for the opportunity to attend the Dreamforce 2019 conference. As usual, Salesforce put on an incredible event. The sessions were insightful, keynote speakers powerful, and the experience unforgettable. And as ServiceSource was recently named an inaugural member of Salesforce’s MSP pilot program, we had even more of a reason to be excited for this year’s conference. As part of this pilot, our teams will leverage their expertise to provide system administration-as-a-service to businesses all over the world using Salesforce’s CRM platform.

There was so much to take in during this weeklong event, but the announcement that has me the most excited – besides our pilot program of course – was Salesforce’s launch of Customer 360 Truth. This new service enables companies to create one source of truth across every customer relationship tracked within their Salesforce platform. You are now able to take the data from every department within your business, including marketing, sales, customer success, and retention, to build a holistic and comprehensive view across the customer journey experience. This can even include data from applications outside of the Salesforce platform, an incredibly important capability.

Why does this matter so much? Because with this all-inclusive view of your customers and their interactions across channels, you can provide them with a significantly-improved customer journey experience through predictive intelligence. You can communicate seamlessly across departments. You’ll be better positioned to fix customer problems, guide them to other offerings within your business, and organically grow your relationship with them. In the digital-first world we live in today, all of those things are nearly impossible to do without first possessing a deep understanding of every single customer. Customer 360 Truth ensures that your entire company will have the insights they need to make more intelligent recommendations and provide better customer outcomes – something we at ServiceSource can get behind, since we’re committed to delivering that for our clients day in and day out.


Linda Bloszies

Experienced technology executive developing IT strategy, and leading high performing teams to deliver high availability solutions in support of strategic corporate goals and revenue generating teams. Bridging the gap between Business and IT by transforming complex business requirements and relevant data into systems that provide actionable information. Skilled at translating ambiguous, abstract concepts into smaller pieces and patterns while communicating the bigger picture to cross- functional stakeholders with varying perspectives. Diverse experience in multiple international cross-functional business units.