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Everything Has Changed

Everything Has Changed

My time with Salesforce, GE Digital, and more recently, Hewlett Packard Enterprise over the last several years has given me unique insight into this “Digital Era” we face. Through those three very different lenses (cloud, industrial, and infrastructure), I decided my next role needed to be at a services company that understood this digital world, but more importantly, understood the enterprise customer experience. Why? Because everything has changed.

Currently, there is:

  • An explosion of data at unprecedented levels (50% of the world’s data did not exist two years ago)
  • A shift of workloads to the cloud
  • The emergence of new business models (subscription, consumption pricing, etc.)
  • Digital disruption everywhere
  • Growth in IoT technologies and industrial IoT
  • Data analytics everywhere and for everything
  • A meteoric rise of artificial intelligence

…and too many more to list.

But Don’t Take Your Eye Off Legacy

In this digital world, how can businesses stay more relevant to their customers? How can they compete? How can they extend their enterprise to better sell to, support, and retain their customers across the full customer journey experience? These are not easy questions to answer when you think about the amount of investment required to deliver the right customer experience. The enterprise requires significant investments in tools and technology, people with digital experience, data science, processes, and new financial and business architectures.

However, newer cloud or SaaS companies are making the problem even more complicated. How do I aggregate these cloud players, and what do I do with my legacy IT environment? Enterprises cannot just have SaaS or cloud as their IT strategy. They have to plan for a hybrid world, where on-premise, private and public cloud, mobile and edge technologies all seamlessly co-exist. These businesses also have to give their customers a choice, and it is this choice that presents all the complexities within the customer experience.

New Beginnings at ServiceSource

I have lived in Denver for more than two decades despite working for many Silicon Valley companies. It’s amazing to see the changes in this beautiful city. Yet one of the changes you rarely hear about is how Denver is home to some of the most technologically progressive, digitally experienced software and services companies on the planet (more to come on this topic in a separate blog post). And one of these innovative companies is ServiceSource.

Who is ServiceSource, you ask? Well, much to my surprise, it is this gem of a services company that sits firmly in the digital customer experience space. What does that mean?

It means that if you’re an enterprise company looking to find, grow, and turn your customers into customers for life, you should probably take a calculated look at ServiceSource. If you are a SaaS or cloud company trying to sell or renew your portfolio, you should probably take a look at ServiceSource. If you are an OEM trying to sell software-based solutions but are frustrated with your existing resellers, well…yes, you should probably look at ServiceSource.

Founded in 1999, ServiceSource is the global market leader in inside sales, customer success and revenue retention solutions, with more than 3,000 employees who speak 45 languages in 11 locations, including 10 global revenue delivery centers, across three continents. ServiceSource is an astonishing company with a culture of people and customers first. We operate as an extension of salesforce or customer success organizations and bring to the table tens of millions of investment dollars in digital technologies that save companies the headache of having to figure it all out by themselves. It’s why many of our clients are some of the most distinguished cloud and technology companies in the world.

At the center of the business is an industry-leading, enterprise-class tool called PRISM (once again, more to follow on this topic in a later blog post). Think of this as the “glue” that digitally manages all aspects of the customer journey.

So, after taking some much needed time off after more than 20 years on the go, I’m thrilled to have been lured back into the workforce by ServiceSource CEO Chris Carrington and the executive team to take the role of Chief Marketing & Growth Officer.

Join us on this journey – it is going to be an amazing one. I will continue to write about various tech topics in regular blog posts, so follow the adventure and learn more about ServiceSource along the way! In the meantime, I would like to leave you with a thought I already gleaned from a brilliant ServiceSource employee:

“We understand the science of customer experience in the digital world!”

Love it!

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