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Find the Right Path with a Sales Performance Analysis (SPA)

Find the Right Path with a Sales Performance Analysis (SPA)

Some organizational leaders may feel an impulse to fix poor sales performance with speed and blind determination. There’s a natural inclination to find and resolve problems in real time, throwing manpower and resources at any perceived weakness. This scattershot methodology comes at a cost. By emphasizing speed over strategy, the approach limits future growth opportunities. When customer journey experience teams properly assess their processes – from customer acquisition to adoption, expansion, and renewals – they glean the insights necessary to design an unshakeable go-to-market strategy.

A Sales Performance Analysis (SPA) provides businesses the ideal roadmap to achieve reliable and sustainable growth. It is a comprehensive assessment, comprising critical functions including sales, customer experience, business operations, finance and accounting. Bringing these together helps inform the overall health and structure of the entire customer experience operation, shedding light on how they report, how they forecast and how they engage with their customer base.

The most comprehensive SPA looks at these considerations through two lenses: qualitative and quantitative. Qualitatively, the analysis inspects the environment the company has created for its sales force, mindful of the compensation model, the technologies and processes in place to make sellers more informed and the go-to market teams deployed for various campaigns. Quantitively, a SPA will examine and evaluate different data sets, observant of the company’s lexicon to take into account how they input KPIs and metrics, bringing a historical perspective to the data analysis.

The goal is to determine what solutions are needed to improve sales and renewals management to achieve a greater ROI. A SPA can come in many forms, but the best call attention to a company’s most pressing challenges and offer solutions that will improve outcomes. ServiceSource conducts this high-level overview to understand our clients and establish benchmarks for success. Our SPA considers a company’s entire sales and customer success coverage, often emphasizing onboarding, adoption and post-sale engagement. While poor customer experience performance often requires a fair amount of introspection, organizations benefit from a neutral inspection of their operation.

A successful SPA can determine whether an organization is leaking revenue in the renewals management space. Better yet, a SPA can help show businesses that rather than having a renewals problem as originally suspected, they actually have an onboarding or adoption problem. These types of distinctions matter. The solution for defective onboarding is a lot different than a solution for substandard renewals management. Spotting these distinctions can be the difference between a failed investment and a winning one.

To figure out where your sales operation can re-purpose resources and drive incremental growth, consider running a full Sales Performance Analysis.

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