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Hidden Link Between B2B Inside Sales Growth & Data

Hidden Link Between B2B Inside Sales Growth & Data

An inside sales team is only as good as their data. And because the data in the CRM fuels company marketing, sales, and customer success efforts, you don’t just need data, you need good data. B2B companies around the world rely on data to drive important daily business decisions that ultimately lead to a company’s ability to grow successfully. Is your data in optimal health? Or could it use a good spring cleaning?

Data cleansing and enrichment are often identified as critical actions to make a CRM system effective, but more than effectiveness, they can truly be the hidden ‘it factors’ that can mean the difference between B2B inside sales growth and stagnation.  It’s time to start your spring cleaning with these critical steps:

Improve the quality of customer data by first understanding what information your company has access to and how the information is currently being used. This review process, data cleansing, is where data is audited for accuracy and a process for eliminating all inaccurate, erroneous, unreliable, incomplete, and unformatted data is instituted. In addition to cleansing, data enrichment expands the org’s capabilities for data collection, storage, and mapping; in turn, creating more complete customer profiles. Scrubbing and polishing the data provides you higher quality insights and information that is valid, accurate, complete, consistent, and uniform.

Achieve a 360 view of your customer by collecting the right data points. The more intimately the inside sales team knows and understands its customers, the more precisely marketing is able to qualify leads, segment messages, and customize content. Better quality leads for inside sales teams mean fewer junk leads are clogging up the pipeline. Inside sales reps are then freed up to focus on revenue expansion, devoting resources to upselling, cross selling, and nurturing relationships to increase brand loyalty. Customers expect companies to provide a great experience and are willing to share personal information so that companies can personalize the customer journey experience (CJX).

Collect customer information that is meaningful to improving the CJX. Through data cleansing and enrichment, companies often realize cost savings by not collecting and storing customer insight that isn’t constructive to growing the business. Businesses also save money with data integrity by outsourcing this responsibility to a trusted partner. B2B service providers offer Data Integrity As-a-Service where companies can subscribe to regular cleansing and enrichment services. Not paying your highest salary staff (salespeople) to perform these duties will result in cost savings and revenue growth.

Areas of Salesforce org maintenance often included in Data Integrity As-a-Service are:

  • Duplication Management
  • Declarative Configuration
  • Quality & Security Checks
  • Management of External Data Sources & System of Record

Data cleansing and enrichment are only components to total org health. Businesses need to review Salesforce org maintenance, configuration and setup, administration, customization, governance, integrations, and programmatic solutions. This holistic approach is the key to good health!

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