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Insights to Improve Customer Retention at the Recurring Revenue Forum

Insights to Improve Customer Retention at the Recurring Revenue Forum

Since 2013, the Recurring Revenue Forum (RRF) has offered leaders responsible for customer retention a unique learning and networking opportunity with presentation-based content and participant-led discussions. ServiceSource is proud to bring together like-minded individuals with a business interest in sharing best practices in services and recurring revenue retention.

Customer Retention at the RRF

More than 30 attendees from Adobe, Ericsson, F5 Networks, Red Hat, Schneider Electric, Symantec and more enjoyed this year’s first RRF, held at the Corinthia Hotel in London. Sponsored by TSIA, the June RRF focused on topics such as Customer Journey Mapping, Customer Success and customer retention. Participants listened to keynote speaker President and CEO of TSIA J.B. Wood present “Organizing for Recurring Revenues,” a clear highlight of the session. Wood shared research and insights on a structured customer engagement framework and answered the “Who, What, Why and How” of a successful recurring revenue business. Because the world of recurring revenue in XaaS is restructuring, companies need to think differently about how they approach customer retention, Wood explained. Integrating the cloud in disruptive ways throughout a product or service offering, as well as proactively to expand and diversify current portfolios, is key to maximizing value and differentiation. Other presenters included Eric Beau – VP Field Service of Schneider Electric, Angel Bailey Rogers – Senior Director of Customer Success of ServiceSource and David Lopes – Senior Director of Design and Customer Innovation of ServiceSource.

  • Beau’s presentation, “Go to Market Transformation,” stressed the importance of engaging top management and collaborating with services specialists companies when transforming business models.
  • In her presentation on “Promoting a Customer Success Culture,” Rogers acknowledged that customer success is a journey, not a destination. When transitioning to a Customer Success model, organizations must clearly define the function, build out a L.A.E.R. model and staff with experienced Customer Success Managers to drive real success, said Rogers.
  • Lopes’ presentation, “Mythbusters – Customer Journey Mapping,” debunked ‘myths’ that hold organizations back from identifying and optimizing their customers’ journey. In the outcome economy, Lopes said, companies are shifting from competing on products, to competing on customer intimacy.

The speakers captivated the audience’s attention through real-life case studies, interactive presentations with live polling and lively discussion.

Attendees enjoyed two hours of presentation and dialogue followed by informal networking over hors d’oeuvres and beverages. After the event, attendees shared the following feedback with ServiceSource: “It was a really inspiring day and well worth taking the time, so thank you for the invite!”, “Excellent event, well planned and well executed … very impressive and looking forward to attending the next one with more of my colleagues,” and “Thanks for an informative session!”

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