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Salesforce Org Health 101: What is Governance?

Salesforce Org Health 101: What is Governance?

To some, “governance” might be synonymous to bureaucracy, red tape, inaction, or…all of the above. But from a Salesforce perspective, nothing could be further from the truth.

In the Salesforce universe, Governance is the necessary framework to manage a Salesforce org. The framework, which is sometimes referred to as a Center of Excellence, includes both people and processes that work cohesively to ensure your Salesforce org is properly maintained, scales over time, and meets the needs of all users (typically, IT, Business, Sales Ops).

The Importance of Being Governed

Governance is a crucial step to ensure your Salesforce org is optimized the right way and by the right people. It allows a cross-functional team of stakeholders to focus on the right IT initiatives that will drive the profitability your entire company is shooting for.

Profit and revenue are obvious outcomes. But Governance can drive other results that are equally important:

  • Compliance
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Speed

As your company grows, your Salesforce org should scale to meet the expanding demands of your team, but within the proper framework to ensure outcomes are delivered in a controlled and predictable fashion.

Why Risk It?

No one is going to force you to establish your own Governance framework, but it’s in your best interest to do so, no matter how old your Salesforce org is. And yet, so many companies decide to go without, for various reasons:

  • Input or involvement from IT isn’t needed.
  • Governance processes will delay delivery on business requirements.
  • Changes should be made directly in production; Governance is not required.
  • Cloud is new to many of our customers and they do not have a track record to follow.

Making these kinds of assumptions, companies could experience major challenges as they try to manage their Salesforce orgs — inaccurate data, outdated workflows, incorrect pricing algorithm, redundant records, etc. – all of which potentially boils down to poor customer experience and lost revenue. Is it worth the risk?

Just as your Salesforce org evolves, so should your Governance framework. It might not ever be perfect, but the worst thing you can do is…nothing. Being stagnant in today’s business climate can be certain death. Don’t let that happen to you.

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