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ServiceSource’s Secret Sauce? We Care.

ServiceSource’s Secret Sauce? We Care.

In today’s buying economy, a great customer experience is paramount to business success. What some companies forget is that your customer’s experience is largely dependent on one thing: your employees’ happiness. There are many ways organizations try to enrich employee happiness – engagement surveys, bonuses, perks, wellness programs and so on – and any combination of these efforts may drive stronger business results. At ServiceSource, our secret sauce to helping market leading B2B companies deliver improved customer experiences, greater customer loyalty, and more revenue retention growth is our “ServiceSource Cares” culture.

ServiceSource Cares means, day in and day out, ServiceSource employees prioritize taking care of clients and their customers, the communities in which we work, and each other. With ServiceSource Cares as our ‘north star,’ we are able to create a thriving culture, enable 3,800+ employees around the world to develop personally and professionally, share in our collective success, and re-invest that success into making our organization an even more amazing place to work.

Giving Back to Our Communities

At the beginning of 2017, we launched an international paid Volunteer Time Off program as part of our ServiceSource Cares initiative. Our employees were already doing great things for their local communities across our eleven global centers, so we took the next step to coordinate our collective efforts and make an even bigger impact. To accomplish this, we began offering our employees eight paid hours every year to team up with each other and share their time, talents, and passion to help improve our local communities. As a result of this program, ServiceSource donated more than 2,200 hours of service in 2017, and we are looking forward to giving back even more this year!

Caring For Each Other

Setbacks arise for everyone in life, and with such a large global employee base, we wanted to make sure we were not only giving back to our communities, but also supporting each other. So, we launched another ServiceSource Cares initiative and created an Employee Assistance Fund that provides grants to employees facing financial hardship after an unforeseen personal crisis or natural disaster. Any one of our employees is able to contribute, and many have answered the call. To date, we have raised more than $100,000 USD to the fund, and have provided 14 grants for employees who have requested them in times of need.

First Annual “ServiceSource Cares Day”

ServiceSource Cares is such an important part of our culture that we launched our first annual “ServiceSource Cares Day” on February 14th with each of our global offices celebrating the spirit of giving, gratitude and generosity.

Let me tell you – we went ALL OUT to celebrate! From Nashville, to Dublin, to Manila, employees filled out thoughtful thank you cards to one another and sent notes of appreciation to members of the military [in North America]. They made charitable donations and volunteered their time with nonprofits to help those in need. They took time to participate in seminars about creating healthy lifestyles and discussed workplace wellness. We also kicked off our ServiceSource Cares Awards program, which honors employees who have demonstrated the passion to go above and beyond normal work obligations and care deeply for their communities and one another.

It was a moving day that reminded me the power of putting people first. Caring is something that’s rooted deep in our culture at ServiceSource, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to work with a global team that truly ServiceSource Cares.

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