The Lowdown on Technology & Services World 2019

ServiceSource is a Silver Partner of TSIA’s Technology & Services World (TSW) conference in Vegas later this month – will you be there?

If you’re not already planning on it, you really need to consider attending. This event includes more than 100 keynotes and breakout sessions that offer unique perspectives on a variety of aspects and subgroups within the expansive technology industry. From customer success, sales, and ProServ to channel optimization, product management, and managed services, there really is going to be something for everyone out there.

You might be sitting there rolling your eyes and thinking, “This is just going to be like every other conference. I’ll grab some brochures, attend a few sessions, and someone is going to hawk their product for an hour.” But that’s not the case with TSW. If you’re tuned in (and didn’t party too late the night before), you’re going to learn some valuable lessons and insights that you can take back and implement within your own business.

In an incredibly fast-paced industry with new trends seeming to pop up on a weekly basis, it can be tough to keep up with what others – including your competitors! – are doing. But TSW is the conference that will help you do that. Some of the world’s leading tech companies like Cisco, Dell, and Microsoft will be in attendance. If they can find the time to go to this event, so can you.

TSW will cover every aspect of the customer journey experience (CJX). As a leader in this space, we at ServiceSource are so excited for the opportunity to connect with others and evangelize the best practices we’ve learned over 20 years improving the CJX for some of the greatest companies in the world. At the conference, you will:

  • Find out how professionals in customer success and multiple different service sectors are uncovering ways to expand their customer relationships and keep them around for the long haul.
  • Learn how you can sell and manage B2B subscription pricing models.
  • Discover how you can develop a product your customers TRULY want and what you need to do to optimize it for increasing adoption and maximizing revenue.

And of course, when you get thousands of people in one Vegas hotel for a few days, you’re going to make connections. Networking is a major benefit of attending a conference like TSW. You can make connections on a professional and personal level with likeminded people and talk shop. Maybe they’ve run into a similar problem and can help you solve it, and vice versa. Boom – you just made a new friend to hang out with that night!

Before you head out, don’t forget to download the TSW app. With this tool, TSIA has made it easy for conference goers to stay tuned into the latest news and updates from the event and map out which sessions they will attend. By downloading it, you can make sure you don’t miss the presentations you’re most interested in and can interact with other conference attendees.

If you’re attending the conference, come say hello to ServiceSource at Booth #8 in the expo hall, or set up a personalized one-on-one discussion in advance with one of our team members. We want to get to know you and your business, the challenges you’re facing in delivering a great customer journey experience, and how we can help!

Steve Hastert


Steve Hastert