Transforming The Way We Learn: Q&A With ServiceSource’s Tony Brucha

Tony Brucha - Vice President of Global Learning

Continuous employee learning, training, and improvement. It’s a goal many businesses aspire to, but is typically much easier said than done. Corporate leadership many times doesn’t know where to begin or how to strategically align development teams within their organizations. Even if they do, the execution of such plans can be very difficult to implement, often with no sense of what the return on investment is for the business.

At ServiceSource, it’s a different story. We recognize that development of our inside sales representatives is critical to our ability to retain top talent and provide the best possible outcomes to our clients and their customers. Tony Brucha recently shared some of his thoughts and personal philosophies in this area from his more than 30 years of industry experience. Read on for some of those insights.

What is your vision for the ServiceSource Global Learning organization?

The motivation behind the Global Learning team at ServiceSource is to consistently enhance our educational processes and capabilities for the benefit of both our clients and inside sales representatives. As I step into this new role, I’ve worked closely with our CEO Christopher Carrington and the rest of the company’s executive leadership to identify three key priorities for the group moving forward. These include:

  1. Accelerating our employee onboarding process and making it even more impactful for our client team needs.
  2. Improving the support of local leadership development needs across all 11 ServiceSource sites around the world.
  3. Revamping the way we scale our sales training process, both on a global basis and tailored to specific client needs.

ServiceSource is growing every single day, which is why we are committing even more resources to bringing our inside sales representatives up to speed at scale. As we continue to add new clients and expand existing partnerships, there is an increasing need to hire more and more intelligent individuals who understand our company, the client they work with, the geographical location they are accountable for, and the unique tools and skillsets that will enable exponential inside sales growth across our client base.

It’s important that the Global Learning team be the strongest business partner we can be to our revenue-generating client teams. We can spend endless hours developing all of the content and training processes we want. However, if it isn’t relevant to what our revenue retention specialists are dealing with every day, then it just ends up being a useless library. As such, our team’s constant communication and strategic alignment with the individual business units throughout ServiceSource will be crucial to our inside sales team’s effectiveness.

There is also the question of which training and educational processes need to be consistent throughout the organization on a global scale, and what elements should be developed for specific theaters and clients. We must strike the right balance between being too rigid and too flexible so that our employees are able to deliver the best client service in the most efficient manner possible. I’m excited to help us find those nuances and continue on the path to growth.

What are the biggest opportunities you see for the Global Learning team?

While they have generally been effective, there is definitely room for improvement across all of our training content. We plan to quickly complete a full audit of what currently exists, better understand both what is working and what should be evolved, and execute a comprehensive content refresh that best reflects all of our current service offers and capabilities.

We also want to ensure that our core leadership development programs are more effective and that our employees desire to take part in them. It’s important that we raise the standards within these programs so that they are meaningful for inside sales representatives not only in their current role, but remain relevant as they continue to advance in their career as well.

How do we plan on accomplishing this? Through constant industry and competitive research, along with honest self-scoring and measurement which will inform our team’s continuous improvement.

How will your planned changes help our clients grow their bottom line?

With the best training program in the industry, ServiceSource clients should feel confident that they have the most competent and educated people as the face of their brand. As we continue to evolve professional development and continuous learning programs, our clients should expect to see even higher sales numbers, improved customer acquisition and retention rates, and more upsell/cross-sell opportunities.  In addition, ServiceSource’s focus on delivering our desired customer outcomes frees them up to pursue other goals and objectives as we manage core parts of their business on their behalf.

What elements of ServiceSource’s learning program separate the company from the rest of the industry?

The ServiceSource global learning program might be the smartest investment we can possibly make at this stage in our longer-term growth plan. Just because we take great care in hiring the smartest and most capable employees in the industry doesn’t mean we can stop developing their skills once they accept our job offer. I and every other member of our organization’s leadership team believe that learning should never end. If it does, your entire organization will only tread water and stagnate growth for years to come.

Global learning isn’t just a priority for the benefit of our clients and their revenue performance – it’s for our inside sales representatives as well. We truly care about their personal and professional development, and are wholly committed to giving them every opportunity to follow their passions and achieve success in their careers.

When clients and employees partner with ServiceSource, we want them to feel valued at every single point along their journeys with us. This philosophy is a key differentiator and driver within our Global Learning program, and I welcome the opportunity to continue to instill that value throughout the company on a daily basis.


Nick Herff