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How ServiceSource’s Proactive Customer Success Delivered a 42% Increase in New Opportunities.

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Relationships are complicated. They are a delicate matrix of touch points, connections, feelings and impressions – just one misstep can set the whole thing tumbling. As digital media creates new avenues for brands and their customers to interact, the most successful brands consistently foster deeply personal, curated experiences from the moment of first engagement through adoption and success.

As customer expectations are at an all-time high, taking a human first approach can mean the difference between  stagnation and sustainable growth. As each customer is unique, with their own needs, challenges and opportunities, driving success requires dedicated one-on-one support. Not only understanding their business, but their entire ecosystem.

How can businesses blend seamlessly into their customer organizations and develop powerful partnerships while anticipating  and identifying potential value-adds in real-time?


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A global provider of networking, hardware, software and telecom solutions needed to scale its support for customer management to ensure that customers were experiencing the full value of product purchases.

Were all of the features being maximized? Could it have a greater impact in driving revenue for the customer? The company needed a dedicated team with the capability to identify gaps in the onboarding and adoption process, so they could further integrate themselves within customer organizations and solidify long-term partnerships.

“Our dedication to innovating through exceptional products has long been part of our DNA. But products themselves cannot and should not be the start and end of our customer relationships. We needed a scalable, person-to-person approach to driving product value through the entire customer relationship lifecycle – we needed to change the way we could be invaluable resources to customers.” — Business Operations Manager.


In 2014, the company issued an RFP to identify potential new vendors in their customer success ecosystem. After an early period of review, noting ServiceSource’s easily scalable model, the company agreed to pilot a proof of concept team of four ServiceSource Customer Success representatives. These representatives would begin partnering with customers to facilitate onboarding, education and adoption of company products. “From the get-go, ServiceSource practices a strategic approach
to client collaboration and team execution. There’s nothing more important than having the right people at the right time with the right knowledge.

When we started working with the company, this mindset was instrumental in quickly helping customers realize the value of their initial purchase – leading to new purchase and expansion opportunities.” — John Hoagland, Sr. Director, Global Strategic Partnerships, ServiceSource.

After just 45 days, ServiceSource’s initial proof of concept team was fully operational alongside the company’s internal representatives. Over the course of three years, the company expanded the ServiceSource team to 58, relying on the team’s help to increase customer health scores, ensure greater relationship coverage with U.S. customers and build a robust pipeline of expansion opportunities within the products ServiceSource covered.

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During the early stages of this partnership, ServiceSource’s relationship-building processes with the company’s customers led to significant lead generation opportunities in year one and growing another 42% across three years. Furthermore, this period saw an average of 7-point health score increase for each of the product offerings supported by ServiceSource.

As the company’s needs changed over time, SerivceSource proved flexible and able to switch focus quickly to align with new goals as dictated by the management team. In 2019, the company issued a mandate focused on new opportunities for  driving top-line revenue, including its Customer Success engine. It needed a clear and concise link between how Customer Success relationships were driving the numbers.

“Every client ecosystem is dynamic. Priorities and metrics can shift very quickly, and our staff remains prepared for any changing winds. When the company wanted to infuse a new reporting and success structure, we were ready to jump in accordingly.” — John Hoagland, Sr. Director, Global Strategic Partnerships, ServiceSource.

Adjusting its approach while building upon the successes in the company’s adopt and expand strategy, ServiceSource quickly added a new focus on renewal, expansion, onboarding, technical adoption and the complete customer journey experience lifecycle. Combining their historic knowledge of company products, the unique needs of individual customer organizations and advanced data-driven insights, ServiceSource was able to communicate and demonstrate the total value of company products, within the right context and at the right time. In the first year of team deployment, ServiceSource accounted for significant incremental bookings for a single product offering. As it grew its portfolio to include four offerings, ServiceSource drove millions of dollars in incremental bookings over nine months.

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