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How ServiceSource Drove a 10% Increase in Adoption Rates

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Every customer is unique, with their own set of internal needs, challenges, and opportunities. Being the optimal partner for your customers requires a delicate balance of funding internal resources and leveraging external partners to provide cost-effective coverage for all customer segments.

Traditionally, customer success management strategies have skewed to favor larger customers. Given the size of the
revenue they contribute, this incentivizes the organization to dedicate the maximum amount of support to ensure they stay happy and engaged. This, however, often comes at a cost. Few resources are made available for small and midsized customers to give them the same level of attention, potentially leaving money on the table as these customers are more likely to grow their investment over time, rather than a single, static contribution to business revenue.


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In early 2020, the company realized that it needed to better serve their smaller customers. A comprehensive customer success support system was in place for their top-tier customers to manage their adoption and usage rates. What was missing was a similar support structure for their smaller customers. This was leading to lower renewal rates in some customer segments.

“They were highly effective in maintaining their adoption rates and customer success metrics for their enterprise customers,” said Alexandra Price, Sales Director of ServiceSource. “Making sure their smaller customers had that same level of attention to deliver results required resources they simply didn’t have internally.”

The company needed not only the workforce, but experts armed with deep insight and know-how to scale its customer success strategy for the existing community of smaller customers, as well as new customers that they were signing on.


The company began its partnership with ServiceSource with several key goals in mind:

  1. Resolve outstanding barriers to adoption and usage among existing smaller customers.
  2. Lay the foundation to scale the customer success strategy for future customers.

After the agreement was signed for Customer Success and Renewals motions, ServiceSource immediately set to work, integrating into the existing customer success frameworks and analyzing problem areas as well as opportunity factors.

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Over the course of six months, the ServiceSource team set several metrics to put the customer success strategy on the right track by raising the rate of onboarding and adoption. Ultimately, the team delivered a 90% renewal rate among customers within the target segments.

“Our approach to customer success is a combination of best-in-class, data-driven insights, finely tuned processes, and expert professionals committed to driving value across the customer network,” said Ms. Price. “We specialize in delivering the  personalized touch, at scale. This was a partner who saw the opportunity to grow relationships outside of the top-tier customer portfolio. Especially during times of uncertainty, it’s those customers that can power revenue sustainability.”

Today, ServiceSource continues to work with the company’s customers, resolving outstanding issues, and building upon the success model across the entire customer community.

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