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How ServiceSource’s Sales Enablement Services Helped a Hardware and Software Provider Grow Revenue by 40%

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Over the past decade, technologies have shifted from a product-led sales organization to a services/XaaS-led organization. The 2020 pandemic required providers to place a hyper-focus on growing customer retention and wallet share with current customers.  Not to mention, renewal sales generate more predictable recurring revenue and improve customer loyalty. As such, renewals are a margin-rich and profitable piece of business for many companies.  

We can’t take renewal sales for granted in today’s competitive market. Companies will risk losing existing accounts to competitors if they fail to: (1) support their reps with a sales enablement strategy, (2) reduce friction in the customer journey, and (3) shorten the quote turnaround time. 

However, managing renewal sales can be challenging, especially for global enterprises that lack a standardized quoting methodology to shorten the response time and streamline the customer experience. Organizations need a sales enablement strategy and end-to-end support to optimize customer lifetime value and increase recurring sales. 


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We have partnered with this leading global provider of hardware and software technologies since 2012. When we first engaged with their renewals business, the internal sales team spent up to 70% of their time on administrative back-office tasks instead of selling renewals to customers and building long-term relationships. 

Furthermore, the renewals business was fragmented into three separate operations internationally (i.e., US, EMEA, and APJ) with no standardized quoting methodology nor region-specific language capabilities. There were over 50 quote templates and just as many quote processes within the organization. The inefficient workflows and slow quote turnaround time of more than 72 hours hurt the company’s renewal rates significantly. 


ServiceSource implemented a process-driven approach to sales enablement for this client. Our team of 300 sales support reps in Kuala Lumpur took over the end-to-end back-office support infrastructure, including quotes generation, bookings, and order management. We analyzed the client’s quote-to-cash workflows, improved the system, and consolidated the 50+ processes into a knowledge base to capture critical learnings. 

We provided training for the client’s internal sales team on both its legacy systems and new technologies to support more efficient quote processes. We also created an automated renewal solution to provide a seamless, touch-free quote-to-order process for lower-tiered customers. The client has struggled to implement this idea internally for years, and our engineers developed a proprietary appliance that solved the technical challenges. 

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Within the first 18 months, ServiceSource’s Kuala Lumpur team was able to help the client standardize its global end-to-end quoting process and expanded region-specific language capabilities. The streamlined quote generation process has enabled the team to generate and distribute quotes within the same day, far exceeding the original goal of a 72-hour turnaround timeline.  

ServiceSource’s auto-renewal solution grew the client’s renewal revenue by 12.5%, handling $50k+ orders each month. The client also increased revenue from the company’s lower-tier customer segments by 40%—from $600 million to a steady state of $1 billion in just two years, thanks to the enablement efficiency.   

Throughout our partnership, ServiceSource has taken on all the back-end administrative tasks for the client, so that their sales teams can stay in touch with more customers and capture opportunities. The Kuala Lumpur quoting team are now considered the subject matter experts for the client’s product and tool improvements, and we continue to provide ongoing training and support for its internal team around the globe.  

ServiceSource helped this client standardize its global end-to-end quoting process and enabled region-specific language capabilities in just 12 to18 months. Supported by expanded capabilities, our Kuala Lumpur team surpassed the goal of generating quotes within 24 to 72 hours and achieved same-day turnaround timelines.  

Our auto-renewal solution grew auto-renewal revenue by 12.5%, handling 50k+ orders each month. It increased revenue from the company’s lower-tier customer segments by 40%—from $600 million to a steady state of $1 billion in just two years, thanks to the improved enablement efficiency.   

Our quoting team has become the subject matter experts in product and tool improvements on the client’s side, and we continue to provide ongoing training and support to its internal team. Our partnership helps the client equip its sales team, set them up for opportunities, and give them the tools to close the sales. Our team took on all the back-end administrative tasks so the reps can stay in touch with more customers and capture more opportunities. 

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