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eBook: The Four Key Elements of a High-Performing Channel Program

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Many channel leaders talk a strong game about expanding their partner programs and building broader ecosystems. Yet, most of these programs are rudimentary at best – they’re manually run, error-prone, and cumbersome.   

If you want to differentiate your channel partner program from the competition, you must prioritize your partner’s experience. There are many moving parts to consider. We boiled them down to four key elements that you should focus on to improve performance, engagement, and satisfaction within your partner ecosystem.   

In addition to learning how to assess your current channel’s performance and understanding the critical tradeoffs between you (as the vendor) and your partners, you’ll get a myriad of strategies and best practices focused on improving these four elements:  

  • Clearly defined partner tiering, incentives, and penalties 
  • Best-in-class tools and systems 
  • Channel-friendly policies and practices 
  • Partner engagement and support programs 

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