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A Deep Dive On How To Measure Customer Success Performance And What Reporting Matters

Webinar: Deep Dive on Measuring Customer Success

Great customer experiences don’t just happen, they are created when multiple teams across an organization prioritize customer outcomes. Customer Support alone cannot be responsible for driving excellent Customer Success, but when Customer Support, Sales, Account Management, Marketing, Product, & Renewals work together they can prove value to your customer base, and keep them coming back.

When you focus on Customer Success you can help retain customers, drive revenue, and increase total customer lifetime value. Do you know where to start when it comes to analyzing your Customer Success program?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How Customer Success Performance connects onboarding, adoption, and expansion priorities.
  • What data is critical to collect for reporting outcomes.
  • How to map out the top 2-3 KPIs you should be measuring.
  • How to utilize reports to help you maximize team performance.

Our experts Daniel Riley, Senior Director of Operation Services, and Michael Connolly, Director of Solution Consulting, bring 25 years of combined experience in building world-class Customer Success programs for companies including Dell, Red Hat, and VMware.


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