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ServiceSource: An Official Salesforce MSP Pilot Partner

We at ServiceSource couldn’t be more excited to announce that Salesforce has selected us to be an official partner in its Managed Service Provider (MSP) pilot program launching this month. As part of this program, ServiceSource will be a trusted provider of CRM system administration services to organizations all over the world that rely on Salesforce to improve their customer relationships.

Why us? We’ve implemented and managed more than 200 Salesforce production orgs over the past few years with more than 100,000 licenses. Additionally, we have achieved more than 100 Salesforce certifications throughout our business, encompassing system administration, developer, and consulting skills. ServiceSource is wholly committed to the success of this program, and the investment we’ve made in our people to ensure their Salesforce expertise speaks for itself.

As Salesforce looks to grow significantly in the next few years, this program will expand its ecosystem of MSPs, comprised of the industry’s strongest customer success professionals – and we’re so happy to be a part of it.