Customer Journey Experience

Draw insights from engagement.
Turn opportunities into outcomes.

We shape every customer journey experience touchpoint into a moment of truth—a moment for growth.

What is the Customer Journey Experience (CJX™)?

Every single touchpoint between a business and its customers encompasses the Customer Journey Experience (CJX). Pre-sale, post-sale, renewal, and everything in between – these are defining moments of truth to deliver an exceptional experience. When done right, it builds a journey of growth, satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

We take a holistic view of the customer journey to design, deploy, and manage processes for your business and deliver across the ILAER Continuum. Together, we identify and land new clients, ensure adoption of your products and services, expand engagement, and retain and renew your relationships. We help your customers – and you – succeed at every step of the way.

CJX Solution Suite

The ServiceSource CJX solution suite is built on three primary solution pillars: digital sales, customer success and channel management. Together, these solutions can drive and scale your sales engine, foster deeper relationships with customers and optimize partner networks – built on a rock-solid foundation of insights, highly trained people and proprietary processes.

But we know that no two businesses are alike. In fact, we count on it. We can provide configurable solutions and motions that serve the unique needs of your organization. So, whether you just need support with revenue retention or you need the complete suite of solutions to maximize your business outcomes, we will build a plan that addresses your unique requirements.

Igniting Digital Sales

ServiceSource doesn’t just work with your team. We are your team. Our highly trained inside sales professionals accelerate acquisition across new and existing customers. Through the core motions of demand qualification, demand conversion, and account management we drive higher quality leads & improved pipeline hygiene, greater marketing and sales funnel velocity, better sales conversion and net expansion rates, and increased consumption for your products and services.

customer success

Leading Customer Success

One bad experience is enough to send a customer relationship into free-fall. ServiceSource is your safety net. Via our customer success solution, we understand the ins and outs of what makes your customers tick, so together we can create consistently positive, engaging experiences. Our core motions of onboarding, adoption, and renewals management are tailored to improve the satisfaction, loyalty, retention and lifetime value of our clients’ customers.

revenue retention

Optimizing Channel Management

Don’t let your channel become siloed. This vital ecosystem can expand your routes to market and drive new opportunities – but it starts with visibility. With our channel management solution, we support the full lifecycle management of our clients’ channels. This bird’s eye approach ensures complete transparency and partner consistency, so you speak as one brand. Core motions include partner recruitment, partner onboarding and enablement, and partner success management.

Experience the Power of Analytical Insight
and the Human Connection

ServiceSource sales representatives are equipped with PRISM, our Predictive Relationship Intelligence and Sales Management platform. We engineered PRISM from the ground up to create an industry-leading, enterprise-class tool that turns the unpredictable art of revenue retention into a repeatable science.

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