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The B2B customer journey experience (CJX) is a complex and matrixed web of relationships encompassing every touchpoint with every unique stakeholder across your entire customer base.

To provide an exceptional CJX, you have to deliver high-quality service and remain wholly committed to meeting your customers’ needs at every turn. Beginning with the initial sale, running through the onboarding, adoption, and expansion phases, and extending through renewal conversations, you must engineer an experience that exceeds expectations. Why?

Because doing so will improve customer outcomes, maximize the financial value of their relationship, and reduce churn. On the other hand, a poor CJX decreases trust and brand value, shakes confidence, and significantly damages future revenue opportunities.

By combining an advanced technology platform, processes refined over two decades of experience, and the most talented people in the industry, ServiceSource cultivates wildly successful customer experiences and generates impactful revenue growth for our clients all over the world.

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