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Outsourced Channel Management

Maximize Channel Market Share and Performance.

Building a thriving channel ecosystem is not easy. Data and communication are often siloed, resulting in misalignment, cannibalization, and a lack of motivation or ability to proactively configure, price, quote, sell, and renew customer contracts. ServiceSource’s Partner Enablement, Empowerment, and Enhancement Solutions leverage unparalleled expertise and best-in-class technology to drive the behaviors and outcomes you are looking for from your partners, enabling your entire ecosystem to grow.


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Achieve the Results You Seek from Your Channel Partners.

Whether you need to improve your channel sales or renewal rates, ServiceSource seamlessly integrates between your channel management system and your partners to drive the engagement and market share you're looking to achieve.

Partner Enablement

Our experienced sales representatives will work directly with your partners and end-users to support your retention and customer growth goals. With monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting, we deliver a deep analysis of channel performance, correctly forecast sales, evaluate sales pipelines, increase data and customer visibility, and generate insights to identify and overcome barriers to success.


Partner Empowerment

We help you design campaigns, create partner tier levels, and develop incentive programs to drive the specific behaviors and outcomes you’re looking for. Our strategic partner management team works directly with your partner ecosystem to build best-in-class growth strategies to ensure that every partner becomes your brand champion, from lower-tier partners to enterprise accounts.


Partner Enhancement

Typically, an add-on to our Partner Empowerment solution, Partner Enhancement drives partner evaluations via outbound activation and business development engagements within your partner ecosystem. This accelerates and enhances partner productivity through business planning reviews, pipeline generation, and revenue-focused campaigns while expanding their engagement footprint.



We Create Cohesive Channel Ecosystems.

Your channel requires a dedicated team, meticulous planning, and consistent follow-through. ServiceSource’s channel specialists are equipped with our industry-leading high-performance sales methodology (HPS) and complemented by best-in-class technology. Our systems and global data teams cleanse, validate, enhance, and supplement your data across your entire channel ecosystem to proactively configure, price, quote, sell and renew customer contracts.


Outcomes Delivered

  • Increased Partner Engagement
  • Improved Productivity and Sales
  • Brand consistency across Partners
  • Increased Visibility and Accountability

Recent Success

Grew Premier Partners
Delivered in Global Revenue
Increased Renewal Rates

Why ServiceSource.

ServiceSource enables our clients to sell more, scale better, and grow faster. With more than 20 years of proven success, ServiceSource delivers the infrastructure, insights, and best-practice methodologies that drive short-term success and long-term growth and profitability. We take a unique approach to the way we do business:

+ Deliver Insights Before You Sign a Contract
+ Provide a holistic and consultative approach
+ Create Future Industry Leaders
+ Succeed with a Proven High-Performance Sales Methodology
+ Unlock Scale and Speed-to-Market
+ Grow Your Customer Relationships


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Our Sales Methodology Works.

With our high-performance sales (HPS) methodology, our experts deliver consistency, discipline, and insights to uncover and capitalize on every opportunity and know when something isn't working. Every representative syncs with our managers weekly to participate in-call coaching, forecasting, and strategy sessions. These weekly sessions ensure we're forecasting correctly and hitting your numbers while focusing on driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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