Customer Journey Mapping

Allow us to be your guide on the
customer journey mapping adventure.

Customer journey mapping allows you and your company to capture a unique view of the current customer experience.

Customer Journey Mapping

ServiceSource offers Customer Journey Mapping workshops to drive greater insights into your customer base.

Journey mapping allows your company and you to capture a unique view of the current customer experience. This is achieved through a series of interactive workshops across your organisation, drawing insight and devising an action plan for mutually agreed areas of focus.  At ServiceSource, we provide a comprehensive workshop to clients and prospective clients who want to engage in the process.

The workshop initially defines your customer personas and their current as-is experience with specific areas of interaction within your company.  From there, our experienced team works with your customer-facing and internal stakeholders (for example marketing, sales, service and support), through a facilitated customer journey mapping framework.  This allows for improvement in customer experience and their journey from initial interest to long-term partner with your company.  We then map the critical moments in their journey and jointly define set of innovations to either improve where challenges exist or further positively impact where good experiences exist.

This workshop will deliver a fresh, insightful view of the customer experience for those internal stakeholders.  More specifically, it covers up to four critical buyers or users, the documentation of a typical customer journey for each, a facilitated workshop to discover the “moments that matter” in the journey, an executive presentation of the results and a detailed report of the findings.

Please contact ServiceSource's Sales team to learn more about our Customer Journey Mapping workshop offerings.