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Customer Success

Drive Powerful Customer Connections at Scale.

The Customer Journey Experience (CJX®) is the driving force behind the improvement of customer lifetime value and satisfaction. Through our best-in-class onboarding, adoption, and renewals management processes, we help drive greater scale to maximize your customer yield and boost renewals.

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Transform Customer Relationships.


Our unique onboarding process equips representatives with the tools to monitor customer health, identify risk, and drive success.


With more data and real-time customer interaction, we ensure that users are well educated on how to get the best value from your products and services. Having trust built from the start leads to stronger connections and loyalty.

Renewals Management

As the voice of the customer, our representatives provide business insights and feedback about usage and value of your products and services. These relationships minimize attrition, increase renewal rates, and maximize renewal yield.


Personalized Success Plans.

ServiceSource evaluates and personalizes processes, focusing on the long tail so you can prioritize strategic accounts. Our onboarding and adoption methods set us apart; we build strong customer relationships to avoid churn and maximize recurring revenue.

Outcomes Delivered

  • Increased customer engagement
  • Improved adoption and customer loyalty
  • Better renewal rates and satisfaction
  • Reduced churn and improved retention

Proven Results

Increase in uncovered opportunities
Increase in NPS
Renewal rate

Why Choose ServiceSource?

We Unlock Tomorrow’s Opportunity. Today. With over 20 years of expertise, ServiceSource delivers the scale, the infrastructure, and the insights that drives not just short-term gains, but long-term results. For our clients across the globe, we:

+ Take a Holistic and Consultative Approach.
+ Deliver Successful Outcomes.
+ Offer Unmatched Experience and Expertise.
+ Unlock Scale and Speed.
+ Grow Customer Relationships.

Start Your Journey.

ServiceSource sales representatives are equipped with PRISM, our Predictive Relationship Intelligence and Sales Management platform. We engineered PRISM from the ground up to create an industry-leading, enterprise-class tool that turns the unpredictable art of revenue retention into a repeatable science.

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