Customer Success Solutions

Your customers are the most valuable relationships you have.

Don’t leave their success to chance.

Drive Better Customer Outcomes

Your journey with the customer doesn’t end when they sign the deal - it’s just the beginning. Our Customer Success solution ensures you exceed expectations at every step of the customer journey experience.

Our customer success team, equipped with data-driven insights, helps you grow closer to your customers through meaningful conversations that develop trust, build understanding, prevent churn and increase value.

At ServiceSource, we know your customers are the most valuable relationships you have. That’s why we don’t leave their success to chance.

Digitally Transform Your Customer Relationships with ServiceSource

Guided by intelligent insights, ServiceSource’s expert reps never have to guess.

We know the instant your customers are at risk and why then take precise action to keep those relationships running smoothly.

Customer Success Solutions

Through our customer success solution, we are an integrated component of our clients’ customer experience strategies and engagement efforts. Our core motions of onboarding, adoption, and renewals management are uniquely tailored and customized to improve the satisfaction, referenceability, loyalty, retention and lifetime value of our clients’ customers.

Enhance your customer relationships with the best of digital.

Backed by 20 years of sales experience, we know that human-to-human connections are critical for your highest-value relationships. For many businesses, the mid-market is a wealth of untapped revenue potential that needs the right blend of personal and digital experiences to deliver a ‘right touch’ engagement approach that improves the customer journey.

Outcomes-Based Pricing

We work on a hybrid model of subscription and outcome-based pricing that aligns your goals with our performance. This provides an alignment of values to drive superior results for everyone.

"We've been a Partner of ServiceSource for over 8 years now. Before entering into this partnership, we did an extensive evaluation of identifying the best solution for our revenue lifecycle management. We were looking for a strategic partner that would become an extension of our existing team and also was capable of handling a high volume of complex transactions. It was critical that they could scale with our growth and provide us global coverage. We have been extremely happy with this highly valued partnership. ServiceSource continues to be a trusted partner, has been able to adapt quickly to our business needs, provides deep insights into our business and continues to achieve results that exceed our expectations,"

SVP, Global Renewals, Leading Cloud CRM Company

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