Inside Sales

Smarter salespeople don’t guess. They close.

Combining Human Intelligence with Data-Driven Insights

Going into a sales engagement blind is just as bad as not reaching out at all. That’s why our first call isn’t to a potential buyer – it’s to a data dashboard. At ServiceSource, we’ve turned the unpredictable art of selling into a reliable science. Powered by a robust technology platform, data analytics, industry benchmarking, and deep customer insights, our teams bring a more informed and intelligent approach to the sales conversation. As a result, your buyers receive a more personalized and enjoyable purchasing experience, while you close more deals and increase revenue.

Digitally Transform Your Sales Operations with ServiceSource

Don’t start with the phone call. Start with the insights to drive more personalized and successful B2B sales experiences.
* Actual output will be determined through a business outcome analysis and is dependent upon lead attributes, region, and language requirements.

Reports and Insights

Experience the Power of Analytical Insight
and the Human Connection

ServiceSource renewal management teams are equipped with PRISM, our Predictive Relationship Intelligence and Sales Management platform. We engineered PRISM from the ground up to create an industry-leading, enterprise-class tool that turns the unpredictable art of revenue retention into a repeatable science.

Enhance your customer relationships with the best of digital.

Backed by 20 years of experience developing human-to-human connections, ServiceSource is now unifying personal and digital experiences to deliver a blended engagement approach that improves the customer journey.

Capabilities include:

Digital Demand Generation / Online Store Front / Quote-to-Cash /

Nurturing & Customer Success Management / Digital Expansion & Renewals

Subscription Pricing

We’ve implemented a simple monthly subscription fee pricing structure with a 60 day opt out notice. This ensures our clients receive the lead qualification and new accounts they rely on based on a predictable payment model.

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