Renewals Management

Keep your customers, your customers.

Build Trust on the Customer Journey

At ServiceSource we take the time to empathize with your customers – their unique journeys, their successes, and their pain points. Armed with these insights and more than 20 years of selling expertise, we identify risk indicators early on, optimize your customer experience, build trust, and renew relationships year after year.

Drive Successful Outcomes

ServiceSource has mastered the science of managing multi-dimensional views of renewal pipeline. Through extensive integration with your internal systems, teams and processes, we deliver performance outcomes that allow you to:

Recent Success

Increase Your Recurring Revenue with Data Intelligence

ServiceSource’s renewals representatives are equipped with our industry-leading high-performance sales methodology (HPS) and complemented by best-in-class technology suite to manage revenue that may be at risk to churn.

Our systems and global teams cleanse, validate, enhance and supplement our clients’ CRM and ERP data in order to proactively configure, price, quote and sell customer contracts that are nearing expiration or cancellation. We know the instant your customers are at risk, but more importantly - we know why and take precise action to keep those relationships running smoothly.

Enhance Your Customer Relationships with the Best of Digital

We know that human-to-human connections are critical for your highest-value relationships. For many businesses, the mid-market is a wealth of untapped revenue potential that needs the right blend of personal and digital experiences to deliver a ‘right touch’ engagement approach that improves the customer journey.

"ServiceSource gave us the ability to go global immediately. Their renewals team were able to provide the complete end-to-end customer relationship support that we needed. They effectively became Red Hat representatives almost instantly,"

Mark Enzweiler, SVP, Global Partners and Alliances, Red Hat

Request a Consultation

ServiceSource will perform a full consultative analysis of your Customer Journey Experience using qualitative and quantitative methods to help you uncover surprising gaps and opportunities that become game-changers for the success of your customer relationships. You get insights into industry benchmarks, competitive analysis, and recommendations on improvements. We build a recommended plan on how we can become an extension of your customer success team and drive results to maximize your business outcomes.