Keep your customers.
Grow your recurring revenue.

Existing customers hold up to 30% of your revenue growth potential.
We’ll make sure they renew.

Outsourced Revenue Retention

It is up to seven times less costly to earn revenue from an existing customer as opposed to acquiring a new one. Fighting churn and retaining partnerships you already have is just as important to your long-term financial success as landing new business is. However, a successful customer renewals operation can be bogged down by bad data, poor processes, and overworked sales representatives.

ServiceSource’s outsourced revenue retention solution solves those problems. Our dedicated teams:

Experience the Power of Analytical Insight and the Human Connection

ServiceSource renewal management teams are equipped with PRISM, our Predictive Relationship Intelligence and Sales Management platform. We engineered PRISM from the ground up to create an industry-leading, enterprise-class tool that turns the unpredictable art of revenue retention into a repeatable science. By leveraging tens of millions of data points taken from our nearly 20 years of renewals experience, we are able to provide better outcomes at every touchpoint along your customer’s journey

Proven Results

A global leader in cybersecurity software improved customer renewal rates from 50% to 80% and uncovered $11 million in quarterly opportunities with our revenue retention solution.

Outcomes-based Pricing

ServiceSource provide clients with outcomes-based pricing models. That level of commitment from your sales partner means achieving revenue and growth goals with consistency and certainty.